Four libraries completed since July in Nepal, Ecuador and Mexico. Sponsor today to help us keep the momentum going

Platinum Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

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You can become a platinum sponsor for one of our future libraries. Your organization will be recognized as the primary sponsor of the library and you will leave your mark on a far corner of this planet!

Let’s illuminate the planet with the brilliance of knowledge. Together we can make a difference. Your contribution will reach places and illuminate lives.

The mission of Library in a Week project is to make 100 libraries around the world in a way that drives real sustainable change - our project brings together the community to build the library rather than rely solely on external organizations. Our method is agile, cost effective and has a real impact! We have completed the following two libraries in 4 days each in Katmandu, Nepal and Tal, Nepal. Tal in particular was a major undertaking as this remote village of 200 is deep in the Himalayas only accessible by 5 days of walk or a treacherous 7 hour jeep ride from the nearest road. 

You deliver the power of knowledge to those who are still awaiting the radiance that can enable them to improve not only their own life but also contribute to those around them. If you are a corporate sponsor, we will have your logo displayed in the library and capture the footage of the whole project for your brand! Depending on your preference, you can keep your sponsorship anonymous or have it displayed in the library to continue to remind the students that there are people out there who care deeply!