Project Lighthouse

[10k/10Days Lighthouse Launch Update] Project Lighthouse will take millions to fund across the next 10 years, to raise the first 10,000 dollars. Sultan will be walking at least 250 km across 10 days starting 14th April. You can support the 10k goal by sponsoring below and connect with him on LinkedIn to see the daily updates starting 14th April.


What is Project Lighthouse?

Project Lighthouse is a ground-breaking, science and personal experience based project to breaking the cycle of generational poverty for 100 youths once and for all. Please visit the following page for all details related to Project Lighthouse.

“After I learned it all - to say all the right things at the right times - to be successful in my career and in material ways – I came to the profound realization that the ONLY THING that matters in this life is what you DO with your time on the planet, WHY you do it and the CHANGE you set in motion that will last well after you leave this planet. The time left on this planet is an opportunity to do the right thing - to build something that matters. That is my mission – to set change makers in motion, to build lighthouse that will shine on forever not needing any of our support once they are setup. The content of this page are written from my heart – don’t engage with it with just your mind but open your heart to the impact we can have together. There are too many boys and girls waiting for our collective action and now it’s time. This is my life’s work and I want to leave this planet with a hammer in my hand – building a library or helping a lighthouse shine their light.
I am All-In. To date, we built 37 libraries in 10 countries. I sold my house and put all my money towards this cause to fund 95% of the builds in the last 4 years. That is how much I dislike fundraising, finding sponsors or diluting the mission in any way other than deep impact! This project will never become so big that it loses its identity – these youths will never become ‘numbers on a excel sheet or CSR report’ as I was one of them! – each story will be celebrated – each flame of potential will be converting into a bright light that illuminates their entire community. Each lighthouse youth is a long term commitment and accepted for a period to 2 to 5 years into the program with tremendous support to develop life skills, pay for a college/university/industry degree, develop language fluency and help them launch their own online business through which they can provide 21st century skills to the world.
Just good intentions are not enough to change lives - the world needs our tangible action. If this project inspires you - make sure you take action by donating before leaving the site.
I look forward to the day when we have 100 lighthouses shining across the world - our first lighthouse has now been in the program for 2 years. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life and now you can be a part of it. ” Sultan Akif, Executive Director and Founder, Library in a Week

Please visit the following page for all details related to Project Lighthouse.


Set change makers in motions by helping 100 youths in the bottom 20% of the socio-economic ladder rise to become the top 20%. Each lighthouse makes a commitment to empower thousands in their communities thus driving sustainable change for generations.