Four libraries completed since July in Nepal, Ecuador and Mexico. Sponsor today to help us keep the momentum going

The Story

Our founder Sultan Akif was once a boy who could not afford a single book. He is now on a mission to build 100 libraries across the planet to light up lives with the brilliance of knowledge.

The Big Picture

Library #1: Katmandu, Nepal
Day 1: Katmandu, Nepal
Day 4: Katmandu, Nepal

Library #1: Tal Village, Himalayas of Nepal

Library #2: Tal Village, Himalayas of Nepal

Library #3: Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

Library #4: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Library #5: Nicte-Ha Primary School, Mexico

Library #6: Nicte-Ha Secondary School

Library #7: Panama City, Panama

Library #8: Bello Mental Hospital, Colombia

Library #9: Medellin, Colombia

Library #10: Bello Shelter, Colombia

Library #11: Calidad, Colombia (Video coming soon)

Library #12: Primaria Escuela, Mexico


Our Projects and Sponsors

No Location Status Main Sponsor
1 Katmandu, Nepal


Experience Your Life
2 Himalayas, Nepal Completed Experience Your Life
3 Amazon jungle, Ecuador Completed

(1) Linked Humanity (2) Major Alexia Shore (3) David Schwartz (4) EcoAndes Travel 

4 Playa del Carmen, Mexico Completed (1) Ministry of Natural Resource, Emergency Services, Forest Fire and Aviation (2) Polani family (3) John Ribeiro

Niche-Ha Primary, Mexico


(1) Laurentian University - students from Faculty of Management (2) Experience Your Life (3) Leyendo (4) Rehana Akif (5) Anonymous

6 Niche-Ha Secondary, Mexico Completed (1) Laurentian University - students from Faculty of Management (2) Experience Your Life (3) Leyendo (4) Rehana Akif (5) Anonymous
7 Old Town, Panama Completed (1) University of Toronto (2) Mary Cranston & Kevin Spencer (3) Anonymous (4) Experience Your Life
8 Bello Mental Hospital, Colombia Completed (1) Experience Your Life (2) Anonymous (3) Anonymous
9 Medellin, Colombia Completed (1) Experience Your Life (2) Peter K (3) Jim B 
10 Bello Shelter, Colombia Completed (1) Experience Your Life (2) Anonymous (3) Peter K
11 Calidad,Colombia Completed (1) Experience Your Life (2) Anonymous (3) Victoria V (4) Deborah S
12 Primaria Escuela, Mexico Completed (1) Library in a Week Gala Attendees
13 Dominican Republic May Sponsors Needed
14  Cambodia TBD Sponsors Needed
15 Thailand TBD Sponsors Needed
16 Nepal Himalayas TBD Sponsors Needed
17  Galapagos Islands, Ecuador TBD Sponsors Needed


In his own words "I am the founder of ‘Library in a Week’ project. I left a successful, 17 years career, as a global executive with organizations like Microsoft and IBM to follow my dream of empowering youths. After building one of the largest youth empowerment annual events in Canada, it is now my mission to illuminate the far corners of the planet with the brilliance of knowledge; one library at a time. To give those that are left behind the tools to succeed and the power to dream. Connecting with my passion has been one of the best life decisions for me and you can read the full story here.

The mission of Library in a Week project is to make 100 libraries around the world in a way that drives real sustainable change - our project brings together the community to build the library rather than rely solely on external organizations. Our method is agile, cost effective and has a real impact! A key focus on my 17 years corporate career was to create large reusable solutions and land them globally; little did I realize that I was learning a very specific skill-set for something much bigger in life! I went to Nepal this summer to write my book on a very different topic – the transformation of my career from technology to youth empowerment. In an exciting series of events, I truly connected with my purpose and built two libraries. I libraries were completed in 4 days each in Katmandu, Nepal and Tal, Nepal. Tal in particular was a major undertaking as this remote village of 200 is deep in the Himalayas, only accessible by 5 days of walk or a treacherous 7 hours jeep ride from the nearest road.  The projects are defined below through a day 1 and day 4 picture followed by the video. 

I invite you to join us in the objective of making a real difference. It will be a life changing experience. The steps to the transformation are captured in my e-book. The e-book is not designed to be a travel book. It is not a career map. It is not designed to give advice on topics that I have not experienced myself. It is not designed for a rah-rah narrative which fizzles out the moment you close the e-book. It is designed to be a guide that you can use to travel deep within - to connect with yourself - with things that will bring joy and happiness for you. It is a very honest account of someone who sees the world very differently, who enjoys the positive energy of people and who believes that good people need to rise to the upper echelons to power so their goodness can illuminate the world. It is designed to ignite something deep within, that over time, enables you to glow with a flame that will not be extinguished."

Here is an extract from the book, written deep in the Himalayas,

“I am writing this story from deep in the Himalayas. Inspiration is everywhere. We just celebrated the inauguration of our library in the remote village of Tal. To give some context, it had taken me 5 days of walking on the famous Annapurna trek to get to this little village of 200 people. All the supplies had to be brought in by a treacherous jeep trek from 6 hours away including paint brushes, electrical equipment and books. There are no roads here or supermarkets. There are no bookshops here. We completed our project, from 0% to 100%; in a record duration of four days. This remains one of my biggest profession and personal accomplishments and I feel everything else that I had done in my life had led me to that point - including my 17 year career as a global technology executive, my travel to over 72 countries around the world and also my resignation from the corporate world to connect with my passion. More importantly, the story weaves through the journey of how I got to the beautiful village of Tal and the personal journey that empowered me to see the opportunity for what it was – a truly life changing moment. This story is focused on one deliverable - to empower you to truly embrace life.”