$5k Lighthouse Sponsorship

$5k Lighthouse Sponsorship

Regular price $5,000.00

The world needs our action. Thank you for considering making someone's dream a reality. As per initial estimates it will cost $5000 per lighthouse per year to deliver the program but a lot more may be required depending on their initial circumstance, tuition costs, technology resources provided and other factors. Your sponsorship will go a long way to make this dream a reality.

Please see details of the project on https://libraryinaweek.com/pages/project-lighthouse .

Given Library in a Week is a non-profit and doesn't not have charitable status yet, we are not able to issue tax receipts. There is no GST charged on your donation as per the non-profit tax law.

We have come this far largely based on personal funds by our founder through which we have proudly build 37 libraries in 10 countries. Now we are going to need millions of dollars across the next 10 years to support these incredible 100 youths to pay for tuition, resources like computers/internet and get this program off the ground and into a sustainable rhythm by building a core long term purpose driven team. We are and will always remain incredibly lean to stay focused on the mission.