Boy in the Library Book

"Boy in the Library" is focused on one deliverable - to empower you to truly embrace life and connect with your purpose. It can be purchased in one of five ways and the proceeds empower us to keep building more libraries.

1) Limited Edition - Physical book in full color with over 100 photos. It is 1kg in weight as it is printed on thick paper.

2) Standard Edition - Physical book. The standard edition includes text only and it is printed on standard paper. 

3) eBook only

My winning speech at a speaking competition provides you a glimpse of the very real contents of this book and perspective that could be life changing for you.

“What if I die before giving my dreams a shot? There is never a perfect time to follow your dreams but today is perfect enough to start. The biggest risk in life is dying without truly connecting with your purpose”. These are the last thoughts that I remember before my decision. It was a long time coming but the specific moment was in the Sahara Desert under a sky studded with stars. In the darkness, I could see the path ahead clearly. I decided to commit my life to the service of humanity and to try to make a real difference every day. I decided to resign from my 17-year career as a corporate executive, including ten years in a senior global role in Microsoft, to help some of the most impoverished children on the planet.

My name is Sultan Akif, and I am the CEO of Library in a Week organization that has a mission to illuminate the planet with the brilliance of knowledge through 100 libraries. I build each library with my own hand along with local volunteers to set a change in motion that is locally owned and sustained. The mission is to create safe spaces for the most impoverished children on the planet, so they can dream big and have the tools to follow their dreams. I am product of such spaces. I was once a child who could not afford any books.

My corporate career had given me a lot of amazing experiences and skills. I had delivered over 1 billion USD of consulting projects in various senior roles such as the Worldwide Manager of Public Sector Solutions for Microsoft Consulting Services, Chief Architect of multiple initiatives and Solution Director for mission-critical projects around the world . My career took me to the far corners of the planet and opened a world of opportunities to me., but it was now time to move on and use that knowledge for what I felt was the purpose of my existence on the planet. I felt the time had come to go all-in in the service of others and to do things that truly matter.

Although I share my journey with you in this book, it is not about me. This book has a specific objective and that is to help you connect with your purpose. It is to help you become a happier, healthier and more contented version of yourself, so your light can genuinely illuminate the planet. The objective is to empower you with a perspective that motivates you to act on your dreams. To hear that inner voice that has been whispering in your ear for some time now. To embrace experiences that put a smile on your face and to truly appreciate the relationships you have in your life. To help you focus on the essential things in life and to filter out the unnecessary.

By purchasing this book, you have joined a movement. A movement of self-discovery, of youth empowerment fueled by building libraries around the world for some of the most impoverished children on the planet. You have taken a step to bring joy, knowledge, and opportunity in the lives of those that have very little. You are joining a group of global change-makers, risk-takers, free spirits, and those that are looking to discover their more profound meaning in life and starting with acts of kindness towards others.

My story goes across 70 countries geographically, across all classes economically, across humans of all ages, across many cultures both mainstream and isolated to finally connect with my purpose and passion to empower others. To truly appreciate the human spirit that brings us together across perceived differences. The story will bring the many amazing people that I have met in my travels to life – it will empower their ideas and their light to shine through to you.!

The book is focused on one deliverable - to empower you to truly embrace life.