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A Helicopter filled with 950 pounds of books inspires me

It is 2:05 in the night as I write this blog. I am tired from a 16 hour day but I feel on top of the moon! I am lucky to have amazing role models around me who rejuvenate me with their sincerity, their purpose, their desire to help humanity and doing it all with a style that is so humble. On top of that list is Major Alexia. I just saw the HUGE impact Major Alexia and her team has had in delivering 950 pounds of books to a remote first nation reserve inspired by a simple idea at the experience your life dinner last year. I had nothing to do with the execution of this project and this is all done with...

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Online Store Launch

Library in a Week Online store is launched today! Support the initiative by purchasing from the store. We are initially launching two product lines titled "Bags of Hope" and "Décor of Hope" . Take pride in the fact that you are supporting something that is bigger than anyone of us individually. A portion of your purchase will go towards supporting our current builds and planning for new ones! 

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