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Pens for Libraries

When we launched our fifth library in Mexico, something magical happened. A mother walked up to me and presented me with a flower. When I held it, it seemed a bit strange. I realized it was a pen - a simple pen - that had been converted into a beautiful gift by her handicraft.
Her daughter was a product of this school. She was grateful for the library and worked with us to make it happen. This was her way to express it.
She shared that creating kindergarten art was her full time job but due to a medical condition was fired from her job even though she could perform it properly. 
I asked her to make me 50 more so more people can adorn their homes, work and their lives with this beautiful reminder. By purchasing this pen you are supporting our mission of building more libraries and giving hope to children. You are also empowering us to support families through economic opportunity.
The tip of the pen can be replaced by a normal off the market pen so you can use this beautiful gift forever!
You can buy this pen as a single pen or a pack of six. Limited quantities.
This is the video that captures her story!
Here are the pens in the new library we just opened